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    Our main objective is to provide Traders with the best tools and services, and to give them access to the markets without having a conflict of interest.


    We are a DMA-FinTech Broker with the highest level of security, market access, product portfolios, and education.
    Our Management has plenty of experience in brokerage, Education and institutional trading, and analysis systems.
    In other brokerages we saw a lot of conflict of interests and a lack of client focus, trust, or values.
    Our Approach is „From the Trader for the Trader and Investors. We have created an ECO system that meets the
    high demands of traders and investors, and guarantees a high level of security for deposits.
    We are in favor of transparency, professionalism, close to customers, and flexibility.
    Our primary objective is to provide our customers with the best possible services, products and market access.
    By assessing the needs of our customers, and observing market and brokerage changes. Our services have developed to
    ensure that our ecosystem remains suitable for beginners, but is specifically suited for professionals and specialized trade
    strategies, and it's demands.

    Since liquidity is a key factor in providing continuous excellence in fulfilling quality and speed of implementation,
    we use liquidity with direct market access to 10+ interbanks and provide traders with a completely anonymous execution
    without a dealing desk to maximize their commercial profitability and efficiency.


    Our vision is to realign brokerage and mirror trading
    in a new direction. We are transforming trading together with
    all parties involved to a new, customer-centric and
    sustainable trading experience, true to our motto: "Feel the MAGic of Trading".

    our values


    Client Focused


    Safety of Funds

    Superior Trading Technology

    True and Fast STP Trading


    We protect your funds with diligence and protective measures from our professional team. We are committed to protecting our clients’ interests and funds. Being a Forex broker, means taking responsibility to ensure effective measures for the safety of our clients.

    International Regulated Laws

    The company follows the regulated laws highlighted by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC). MAGMarkets is operating under the legal umbrella of Geomatrix Ltd.

    Segregated Funds

    Following FSC laws, MAG Markets has kept all client funds in major top-tier banks, completely segregated from the company’s funds.

    Bank Partnerships

    The company uses partnerships with multiple top-rated banks, regulated credit institutions, and payment provider. This is to make sure that clients’ funds are available for them at all times and cannot be used by the company for any purpose.

    Our Liquidity Providers

    MAG Markets liquidity providers include global banks, financial institutions and other market makers. We have no conflict of interest with our Clients and Partners.
    All orders are placed with ultra low latency within a pool of 21 Liquidity Providers and Banks.

    Backoffice Security

    With an integration of 2FA Authentification, we protect your backoffice and wallets.
    All Client actions can be done in a secure Environment and our support is there for you.


    What is the maximum Leverage for Trading Accounts?

    MAG Markets offers you Leverage from 1:30 up to 1:400. If you want to change the Leverage for an existing Trading Account, please Contact our Support.

    I forgot my MT4 password. What do i do?

    You can reset the MT4 Password from you Trader Dashboard by clicking on the 3 dots next to your Trading Wallet.

    How do i open a MT4 Trading Account?

    You can create a new MT4 Account from you Trader Dashboard by clicking on the New Wallet Button.

    What documents are needed to verify my account?

    - Upload a valid copy of your proof of identity, e.g. a passport, ID card or driver's license (front and back).

    - Upload proof of address, which can be either a bank statement or utility bill, e.g. an electric / gas / water utility, landline phone / internet / cable or municipal tax bill, etc. However, please note that we are not able to accept cell phone bills or insurance documents as valid proof of address.

    What makes MAG stand out?

    There is no conflict of interest between the customer and MAG Markets. I.e. we do not profit from clients who lose money. Therefore, we offer high quality copy trading strategies. Only if the client is satisfied with the services, we earn from the commission generated by trading with these strategies.

    How long do deposits and withdrawals take at MAG Markets?

    Deposits and withdrawals are usually processed within 24 hours to 48 hours. SEPA payment can sometimes take up to 3 business days, depending on the customer's bank.

    Can I register with MAG MARKETS from any country?

    MAG Markets LLC does not offer its services to residents from USA, Iran and North Korea.

    What are the fees for deposits and withdrawals?

    At MAG MARKETS the customer pays the following fees for deposits/withdrawals:

    Credit card : 3% on deposits and 0.5% on withdrawals
    Alipay: 3% for deposits and 0.5% for withdrawals
    SEPA bank transfer: free of charge for deposits and 5€ for withdrawals
    BTC: transaction fees through blockchain for deposits and 20€ plus transaction fees for withdrawals
    ADV-Cash: free deposits and withdrawals
    Neosurf: 10% on deposits and withdrawals possible only via SEPA where 5€ is charged

    Are there any account opening fees or inactivity fees?

    There are no fees for account opening and we don't charge an inactivity fee.

    Where are the customer funds located and who has access to them?

    MAG Markets works with payment providers who process client funds and send them to our liquidity providers. There, the client funds are kept segregated. There is no minimum investment period for an investment. Thus, investors have access to their own funds at any time.

    Are hedging and scalping allowed?

    Hedging is allowed. The required margin for hedging positions on Classic, Raw, and VIP accounts is 0. Scalping is also allowed. There are no time limitations for keeping the positions open.

    Do you offer negative balance protection?

    Traders who use the maximum leverage available face the risk of a negative balance.

    For example: Let’s assume that you have 200 USD on your account and you open 1 lot on USDJPY on Friday evening, with 1:30 leverage and 200 USD margin.

    On Sunday night, the market opens 30 pips away from Friday’s closing price in a direction against you, so your position will immediately have a loss of 30 pips x 10 USD = 300 USD loss, while you have only 200 USD on your account.

    The position will be automatically closed and your account would have a negative balance of -100 USD. This situation is 100% impossible when a trader uses 1:1 leverage. The higher leverage a trader uses, the more risks they take. Please also note that a negative balance may occur due to a slippage during high volatility.

    Our Risk department is constantly monitoring our clients’ risk-taking and if we see that a client trades irresponsibly, then we will notify the client via e-mail and ask them to reduce risk exposure. Also, we might reduce the leverage on the client’s account.

    MAG Markets ensures you a Negative Balance Protection so that your balance won't drop below zero.

    Is MAG Markets a regulated broker?

    Yes, MAG Markets is a regulated offshore broker and operates under the legal umbrella of Geomatrix Ltd, Reg. No. ICA12767 / 2018, a company licensed by the FSC (Financial Supervisory Commission) in the Cook Islands with number MC03 / 2018.

    Are there swaps on positions that are held overnight?

    Yes, since currencies have different interest rates, swaps are charged every night. These vary daily due to changing exchange rates. Tripple swaps are charged Wednesday's night.

    What does verified and analyzed trading systems mean?

    The trading systems offered on the MAG Markets platform have been analyzed by external experts and have been subjected to a test run by MAG Markets lasting several weeks. This is to ensure that the trading systems correspond to the values of MAG Markets and that risk management plays a central role.

    Can I deposit in Euro and withdraw my profits in Bitcoin?

    Due to anti-money laundering guidelines, deposits must remain in your account for at least 6 months before the funds can be withdrawn in another currency. Withdrawals in cryptocurrencies are possible.

    What is an PAMM Account?

    PAMM stands for Percentage allocation management module and is basically a pool account into which clients deposit their money and these funds are then managed by a manager.

    Because all funds are in one account, trades are executed only once. As a result, there is no delay in executing the trades. All strategies at MAG Markets are implemented through PAMM accounts.

    Does MAG offer copy or mirror trading?

    MAG Markets is a social trading platform that offers both mirror trading and copy trading.
    In mirror trading, the complete strategy of the lead trader is adopted or mirrored 1:1 by the investor. In contrast, with copy trading, the investor has a signal service at his disposal, whose trading signals he can copy independently and then trade.

    Which advantages do crypto strategies offer? 

    With crypto strategies your funds will be held in crypto. You can participate on the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency and on the performance of the strategy.

    Can i have more than 1 Investement Wallet?

    When registering, the client must decide in which currency he wants to have his investment wallet. Either Euro, US Dollar, mBTC, or mETH. Nonetheless, you can still invest in strategies with different currencies.

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