Institutional Clients

Customized individual solutions in all areas as well as one-stop solutions


Client Profiling

Onboarding Service



Fundmanager Supervision

Portfolio Management

& Risk Mngmt

Concierge Service

Reporting Service

Liquidity Providing


Only those who know their customers can also offer tailor-­‐made products for their customers.
Therefore, MAG Markets conducts an extensive client intake in order to be able to understand the client's wants and needs.
Client profiling is based on in-­‐depth face-­‐to-­‐face consultations with senior-­‐level account managers at MAG Markets.


Our excellent onboarding service makes it as easy as possible for our customers to register with us.
In addition to simply registering on our web portal, this service includes support in going through the KYC process and in creating all the necessary documents for successful onboarding.
Our concierge service will guide you through this process.


Ultimately, the fund managers are responsible for the client's success.
The customer has the option of onboarding their own fund manager at MAG Markets or using existing fund managers at MAG Markets.
In order to be able to fulfill the wishes and needs of the customer, all fund managers go through a rigorous and high-­‐quality selection process, which allows us to choose the fund managers that fit best to the client.


In order to be able to achieve optimal results, constant and detailed control of the fund manager is required.
Fund managers are monitored and supervised using the most modern and efficient management methods. 


As with a good wine, where the right selection and composition of the grapes give the good taste, with a portfolio it is the right selection and composition of the fund manager.
A tailor-­‐made and optimally combined portfolio performs better than each individual  trading system on its own. The characteristics of the individual trading systems complement each other to form a harmonious unit. In this way, the risks of individual trading systems are minimized in the overall context and profits are stabilized.


Based on an automated 24/7 Real Time Monitoring the whole portfolio and each trading system is validated continuously trade by trade, if it performs inside its performance corridor, allowing immediate actions in case of deviations from the expected return and defined trading conditions..
In connection with an additional manual monitoring of the portfolio and the trading systems, an optimal performance and risk management is possible.

Concierge service

In addition to VIP support at the highest institutional level, the customer receives a  concierge service.
This concierge service supports the customer in all matters and acts like a personal  assistant on call.


In the institutional sector, the customer is in most cases occupied and obliged to produce a large amount of reports due to regulatory requirements.
MAG Markets supports with a comprehensive and customized report service. This can be automated so that the customer saves time and effort and can focus on productive activities.


MAG Markets has access to liquidity from several major sources: Prime brokers, banks,  aggregators and exchanges.
An execution channel for each individual client request is automatically determined by MAG Markets each time.
Thus, orders can be executed through the STP model with one or more liquidity providers,  depending on the current market conditions and all parameters of an order, and in accordance with the Best Execution Policy.