We protect your funds with diligence and protective measures from our professional team.

MAGMarkets is using under a legal umbrella strict financial standards and the company has always maintained transparent financial processes with many trustworthy payment providers to win the confidence of its valued customers.

International Regulated Laws

The company follows the regulated laws highlighted by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC). MAGMarkets is operating under the legal umbrella of Geomatrix Ltd.

Segregated Funds

Following FSC laws, MAG Markets has kept all client funds in major top-tier banks, completely segregated from the company’s funds.

Bank Partnerships

The company use partnerships with multiple top-rated banks and regulated credit institutions and payment provider. This is to make sure that clients’ funds are available for them at all times and cannot be used by the company for any purpose.

Our Liquidity Providers

MAG Markets liquidity providers include global banks, financial institutions and other market makers. We have no conflict of interest with our Clients and Partners.
All orders are placed with ultra low latency within a pool of 21 Liquidity Providers and Banks.

Backoffice Security

With an integration of 2FA Authentification we protect your backoffice and wallets.
All Client actions can be done in a secure Environment and our support is there for you.